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Sexual anxiety is something you can overcome!

Have you ever heard of sexual anxiety? If not, then you are a lucky person! But the sad truth is that sexual anxiety is becoming a common issue nowadays. But despite that, it is still something that you can handle!

Would you like to know why? Well, then continue reading!

Thinking about sex 

Sexual anxiety happens when a person feels anxious when thinking about sex. This anxiety causes pain during intercourse, or even difficulty to get aroused. 

So basically, it can pretty much mess up your whole sex life. If you do not do anything about it. 

However, sexual anxiety usually occurs during our first time with the partner. It is because we have high expectations and we want to do our best to make our partners satisfied. We are just too stressed.

But that does not mean that this problem should last forever, right? 

Ask for it ... 

For sure, sexual anxiety can be a physical problem. And probably the best thing to do if you are dealing with it is take things slowly. 

Talk to your partner and try to be honest with them. Tell them what is bothering you and do not rush things. If you need some more time, just ask for it. A partner who truly cares for you would understand.  

Sexual problems

You should never be afraid to ask for help. Although we know that it might seem a little awkward to be talking openly about your sexual problems with someone you do not know.

However, remember that it is only normal and that what you are going through is common and it happens to many people.